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What Clients Say

"I’ve gotta take a second and give a huge shout out to Bex Feltmann for an incredible astrology session the other day! 1-2 hours of looking at myself on a deeper level...Astrology has never been an area of study for me but let me say...everything was spot on! It never ceases to amaze me just how many aspects there are to us individuality. How someone can look at a chart of the sky the day we were born and pin point all these deep aspects of self!

For instance how deeply emotional I am, to the amount of alone time I need, to certain dates in my life that have been significant. Seeing if I’m in alignment with my highest self. Not to mention my wife and I both had the exact same month and year pop up which we then realized was right when we started dating. Cheesy as shit but the stars actually aligned. 

Powerful stuff you guys.
Insight, awareness, depth.
All those good things for the soul!"


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